Three methods of cleaning sea balls

Cleaning and maintaining children’s naughty castle in the room is a very important work content, because it is the premise of ensuring children’s safety and health in activities, and also a standard for operators to operate for a long time. So a lot of details have to be done in place and in the right way.

Cleaning method 1 of ocean ball:
  1.Use a container like a fishing net or basin to put up the sea balls in the pool, and clean the bottom of the pool.
  2.Wash the sea ball with soap water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, detergent, etc.
  3.Spray the non washing disinfectant directly on the spherical surface to disinfect and remove peculiar smell.
  4.Dry with a soft damp cloth.
Cleaning method 2 of ocean ball:
  1.Put it directly into the washing machine for cleaning. Select soft gear.
Cleaning method 3 of ocean ball:
  1.Cleaning of ocean ball washing machine
The third method is recommended to use the ocean ball washing machine for cleaning, which is convenient and fast. The main advantages are as follows:
  (1).The appearance is beautiful and scientific, the equipment is light and convenient, and the installation and disassembly are simple;
  (2).The speed of the built-in brush of the ball washer can reach 140 per minute, which can effectively remove the dirt on the sea ball;
  (3).Built in ultraviolet, effective sterilization, with brake mobile wheel, convenient for equipment moving and fixing;
  (4).It can dry the ocean ball quickly, and can be used directly after washing, without taking time to dry, which has almost no impact on the operation of the amusement park;
  (5).Efficient cleaning saves cleaning time, operation time and labor cost

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